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Company Profile

Abblis Chemicals LLC ( is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of high-performance specialty organic chemicals and chemical intermediates products for the non-clinical research fields in the global market, with expertise in custom reagents design and synthesis. With a full mix of professionals in chemistry research, QA/QC, and trade business, we're confident to satisfy dependable and sustainable sourcing demands.

Abblis has facilities all over world. We have laboratories in the United States and manufacturing bases both in the States and in China. We specialized in supplying Organic Chemicals and also own an enthusiastic, energetic and friendly technical and customer support team and management team with years of experience in the Organic Chemical Industry. We also keep increasing our custom synthesis capabilities and providing faster delivery for bulk chemicals and are aiming to provide the most innovative range of research reagents at the most competitive price. Our samples include Building Blocks, Organoborons, Organohalides, Organosilanes, Reduction, Oxidation, Catalysts, Protections, Chiral Auxiliaries, Condensation Agents and etc.

Abblis insure good quality of our product by NMR, HPLC, GC and so on. Unlike the other providers, Abblis always does the HPLC via 3 different HPLC conditions which can minimize the probable error. For chiral compounds, we also provide the chiral HPLC spectrum which can give the ee% value directly! At the same time, we have established a stable relationship with customers within engaged in laboratory and development chemist, universities, research institutions and government agencies for years.

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